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Event: Grow’s 60th Birthday!

Grow’s 60th Birthday!

For 60 years, Grow has been supporting the mental wellbeing of thousands of Australians through our unique mutual help Program.   Please check back with us soon for more information.  

Grow is weekly meetings of small groups of people who have experienced depression, anxiety or other mental or emotional distress, and those who have a mental illness diagnosis, who come together to help each other deal with the challenges of life.  Some people come to Grow while struggling with a life crisis such as the loss of a loved one, a job or a relationship.

It can be extraordinarily liberating and affirming to share problems with others who are encouraging and accepting, and facing similar issues!

Grow meetings are run by the members themselves, according to a well-structured format.  During the meeting, members can share their problems, learn how to re-build their lives and report on their own progress.  Grow’s program of personal growth is based on changing negative thinking and behaviour.  It offers strategies on how to:

        *      Deal with an emotional crisis,

        *      Manage feelings,

        *      Think by reason,

        *      Realize personal worth, and

        *      Improve relationships.

Developing understanding, acceptance, confidence, control and love is at the heart of the Grow program.  Many people have been able to rebuild lives with the help of Grow.

Meetings are supportive, non-threatening, positive and constructive.  Members are known in their group on a first name basis only and make a commitment to confidentiality.  No fees are charged, however a small donation to meet necessary expenses is usual, though strictly voluntary.  A variety of training and social activities backs up the essential group process.