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Grow’s Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season!

Grow’s Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season!

Managing your mental health in the Silly Season

Christmas time can be challenging and difficult for many people. Christmas is promoted as the season to be jolly, for fun, festivities, family and friends. For fancy meals and gifts. In reality, this can be far from true for many people. Christmas can difficult for a multitude of reasons.

Grow program can be used over Christmas to help deal with any stresses or difficulties you might experience at that time. Consider the following:


KEEP CONTACT – Social isolation can be more problematic at a time of year when relationships with others are magnified in their importance. Look for local community events you can attend, there are LOTS! Explore church functions, community centres, Grow events, Carols by Candlelight, volunteering opportunities. – get involved!

CREDIT YOURSELF FOR PROGRESS – The Christmas/New Year period can often be one of reflection of the year gone by and contemplation of the year to come. Try to focus on the progress you have made and the positive things that have happened in the year.

WE TAKE CARE AND CONTROL OF OUR BODIES – Get outdoors and enjoy some exercise or some relaxing time in peaceful surrounds; the park, the beach, a lake. Consume food and beverages in moderation. Overindulgence is detrimental to our health both physically and mentally.

ORDINARINESS – There can be a lot of pressure or assumed requirement to spend a lot of money on gifts at Christmas which can elevate stress. Set a realistic budget and be sure to stick to this. Live within your means and know that you can be ordinary. You don’t need to give expensive or excessive gifts, nor do you need to receive expensive or excessive gifts.

FEELINGS ARE LIKE THE WEATHER- The bad weather can’t last. Negative emotions and feelings, like the weather, will pass.


Remember, Christmas is just one single day. Don’t place too much importance or emphasis on what you think it should be. Maintain realistic expectations. Remember your personal value. “Whatever my current physical, mental, social or spiritual condition, I am always a human person and equal in value to every other person. I am always valuable and my life has a purpose. I am a connecting link between persons and I have my unique place and my unique part in humanity”

If you need support during the Christmas period, we are still available. The Grow office will be closed from close of business Friday December 23rd and reopening on Tuesday January 3rd 2017. During this closure a Grow field worker will still be available if required through your group organiser. Some Grow groups will still be operating during this time. For details of these please visit our website or phone 9228 1411. You can also call Lifeline at any time on 13 11 14. They operate 24/7.

Wishing you a safe and healthy Christmas and New Year.

The team at Grow.