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Happy Holidays from Grow!

Happy Holidays from Grow!

You can find our group closures on the state pages but all Grow offices will be closed over the Christmas period from Friday December 21st and reopen Monday January 7th.

Christmas can be a joyful time of year with celebrations, spending time with friends and family, and gift giving. But for some people it can also be a difficult time for many reasons.  Here’s some strategies for maintaining good health over the silly season:

  1. Stay connected

Christmas is a time when the importance of spending time with others is amplified, and can be a challenge particularly for those who may be away from family, experiencing grief or loss, or working over this time. Some ways to connect with others and reduce isolation include:

Get involved!
Check out local community events. There are many types of activities and places you can connect with others, here are some places to check out activities:

  • Community centres, Local Government, Churches, Clubs and Mens Sheds. Events could include Carols by Candlelight, Christmas meals, community events, stalls and markets, community activities such as walking groups.
  • Volunteer opportunities. Have a look for gift wrapping services, local or club events, and community service and aid organisations.

A friend is as close as the nearest phone BB pg.16

  1. Be financially aware

Financial burden can be a strain at Christmas. It is common to assume you need to buy expensive gifts, but it’s often nicer (and cheaper) to receive or give small, relevant or personal gifts.

  • Set a realistic budget and stick to it
  • Ask yourself ‘Is an expensive gift needed?’
  • Is a gift needed? Your presence could be a present
  • Can I try making or baking something?
  • Switch your gift for a dish to share together

People are more important than things BB pg. 45

  1. Take time considering how to take care and control of our bodies. BB Step 7.

Improving or maintaining your healthy diet may help you to think more clearly, improve your mood, and help you feel energised for longer. The Christmas season tends to have more events, celebrations, and get-togethers, providing higher than usual amounts of snacks, lollies, and less-healthy foods and drinks. Indulging in treat foods occasionally is okay, however here are some quick tips to help prevent over-indulgence and maintain a healthy intake:

  • Think about getting more colour on your plate. Vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and fibre which can help you feel your best. A variety of coloured vegetables will provide a variety of nutrients.
  • Choose water first. Water is the best choice of drink for our bodies, adding a slice of lemon or lime can add extra flavour.
  • Alcohol does not provide our bodies with beneficial nutrients. If you choose to consume alcohol, drink in moderation, drink a glass of water between drinks.
  • Be physically active.
    • Not only does being physically active have mental and physical benefits, it’s a great way to get increase connections and become involved with others!


  1. Maintain your routine

Consider and acknowledge what works when you’re feeling stressed

  • Attend a Grow group
  • Undertake physical activity
  • Meditation or mindfulness activities
  • Get in touch with nature. Visit a beach, a park, a lake or do a bushwalk

Walk tall and breath deeply BB pg 65

“Whatever my current physical, mental, social or spiritual condition, I am always a human person and equal in value to every other person. I am always valuable and my life has a purpose. I am a connecting link between persons and I have my unique place and my unique part in humanity”

The Grow office will be closed over the Christmas period from Friday December 21st and reopen Monday January 7th.

National help lines:

Carers Australia 1800 242 636

Headspace 1800 650 890

MensLine Australia 1300 78 99 78

MindSpot Clinic 1800 61 44 34

QLife 1800 184 527

Relationships Australia 1300 365 4277

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