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SA Brighton Jetty Sculptures Social

SA Brighton Jetty Sculptures Social

Everyone at the Morphett Vale Grow group had planned to go to our Branch Social, hosted by the Cheltenham Grow Group in January, which was a visit to the annual Brighton Jetty Sculptures event.

We were quite excited about going but we all knew that there was a possibility of it being cancelled due to the extreme heat that weekend. The forecast did indicate that the following days would be slightly cooler and overcast. So, as a group, we decided that if the Branch Social got cancelled we would go the following Tuesday – and it was (cancelled that is). Without much planning we decided to meet at Brighton Jetty 2pm Tuesday and take it from there.

Tuesday was still warm with a humid breeze but without the glaring heat from the sun it was a nice change. We walked along the beach front admiring sculptures, some quite large and simple, some small and intricate. One of the first ones we encountered was metal man, resembling a farmer, who was made from parts of machinery. Another one that we saw early in our travels was a metal wind vane that featured 3 seahorses.

Accompanying every sculpture was a plaque that would tell you the name of the sculpture, the artist, a description of its meaning, and a price (if you were interested in purchasing one). Apart from being surprised that a 6-foot blank sheet of rusting metal could be valued at seventy thousand dollars, was that there was an overwhelming theme. So many artists’ inspiration came from mental health (or a lack thereof).

I think most of us were drawn to and could relate to the wooden sculpture called Toll. It is a sculpture of a mans head where the top most part is a city. I think many of us can relate to that, when we are feeling overwhelmed and our thoughts seem to be rushing and zooming around our mind like cars in a busy city.

A sculpture that I liked the most was that of a life-sized horse in mid gallop made complete from machinery parts. Its flowing mane was made completely from thick interlocking chain. Another one I quite liked was that of an animal made entirely from cutlery.

After exploring the whole event from the beach front to Brighton Surf Life Saving Club (and a tent), we all went to a nearby café for a drink and a snack. During conversations we decided that the next time we planned something like this we must remember that not everyone is young and fit and that we need to consider more breaks when walking. Apart from that, it was a resounding success as everyone had a good experience.

One thing that did come from the day is that it gave our group the confidence to organise, plan and host our own Branch Social that we could invite other groups to attend. To this, I can proudly say that we achieved this goal in April, and successfully I might add.

James Doig

Branch Program Team Member, Organiser Morphett Vale.