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ConnectingUp Social Media Award Runner Up

Grow was nominated for the Odd Socks Day best social media campaign of the year. This award recognises the most effective and innovative use of social media by a not-for-profit organisation to promote its’ products and/or services. Each entry for this award was   judged on the following criteria:

  1. The campaign has met its objectives and made a positive difference to the ongoing development of the organisation, its brand awareness and has successfully delivered its message to a target market.
  2. The campaign was creative, innovative and unique
  3. The campaign was consistent with the organisation’s identity and demonstrates cohesiveness across platforms to deliver a unifying message.

The final three were:

Odd Socks Day

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Fuel for Father’s Day, 

With Fuel for Father’s Day taking out number one.  We were very proud to have our Campaign noticed, and this year 2018 we expect it to even better and bigger than 2017.  This year Odd Socks Day will have a ‘take the on-line pledge’ to stomp out stigma surrounding mental health.  We are planning to get as many pledges as possible, so we can make changes in the way we think and speak about mental illness, to be a friend, to educate and inform yourself about mental health terms and language so you know the truth and can dispel the myths. now the t

Share your own experiences and look after you own mental health.

Stigma is one of the biggest barriers to people seeking help and recovering from mental illness.

We believe that with Odd Socks Day we can make a difference in the way people think and talk about mental illness.

Keep a look out late September for our Social Media posts and get involved with sharing and fundraising an don’t   ‘ forget to take the pledge’.

Odd Socks Day October 5 and all the month of October.