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eGrow Victoria

Do you want to join a Grow Group but are too far away to access one? Or do you prefer a virtual environment?

What is eGrow?

Grow Victoria is trailing eGrow, a virtual Grow meeting and we are looking for Victorians who aren’t able to attend a physical Grow group due to geographic limitations. This trial will also allow us to develop the best online experience as possible as your feedback will be instrumental in helping us shape this important initiative.

When do the eGrow groups meet?

The Victorian eGrow support group meets weekly on Tuesdays at 7:00pm.

As second group, which will meet during the day, is planned to start in April 2018.

If you are interested in either the current (night) group or the proposed (day) group please fill in the inquiry form below and we will contact you.

Who Can Join?

Any Victorian who cannot currently access a face-to-face Grow Group

What kind of technology do you need to be able to participate? 

  • Access to at least ADSL2+ or 4G internet
  • A webcam or smartphone with front/back camera
  • A PC with Google Chrome web browser installed
  • Have a data plan of at least 10GB/mth 
    (Please Note: The eGrow support groups use approx. 2Gb per 2hr weekly session.)

What will eGrowers need to provide?

  • eGrowerswill have to provide us with an email address so we can connect participants into the video conference.
  • All eGrowers will be asked to complete a consent form to confirm their participation in the trial and evaluation. Your information will be treated with complete confidentiality and, apart from the need to provide an email address, there is no need to provide any other identifying information.

Your Privacy is very important  

Like all Grow Programs, access to the meeting is confidential and eGrowers will need to ensure their method of connection protects the privacy of all participants.