Individuals can raise funds for Grow in a variety of ways from small events to large such as the Walk for Awareness in Queensland or Red Faces in South Australia.

You can also participate in a wide range of community events and fundraise for Grow by accessing:

If you would like to hold your own event to raise money for Grow, you can find the guidelines here. 

Odd socks day

Reducing stigma

Odd socks day…because anyone can have an odd day, is a light-hearted approach to reminding people that anyone, at any time, can have an odd day.

Stigma can have a devastating impact on the lives of people with mental illness and their families, friends and carers. It’s still one of the greatest barriers to people seeking help and recovery.

Reducing stigma

Celebrate Odd socks day by participating or make a donation to Grow to help us reduce the devastating impact of stigma.