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Programs for Young People

The  Get Growing Program is a mutual help early intervention program that responds to the needs of young people age 10-18 ( at school) or young adults 18-25 years.

This program has built on the Grow’ over 60 years of experience and success with peer group learning in prevention and recovery from mental illness.  Young people are very influenced by their peers however most of the mental health programs for young people are either clinical or online. Get Growing is different and highlight the importance of young people supporting each other to learn and grow.

The program aims to develop skills in self-reflection, problem solving, and the development of personal responsibility and resilience, empowering youth with timeless and practical life-enhancing principles.

The Program is structured as below:
  • 10 week course with session plans
  • Group facilitated by a trained Grow Field Officer
  • Target age ranges 11-18 years old
    • Upper primary school
    • Middle school
    • High school
  • Maximum of 10 participants
  • Offered as part of school or similar structured learning program/environment
  • Delivered with school or similar partners

The following data regarding the prevalence of mental illness in young people is compelling and demonstrates the need for Grow initiatives aimed at early intervention and potential for prevention of mental illness for Young People:

  • suicide is the leading cause of death for young people aged 15-24
  • 12% of 13-17 year olds reported having thought about suicide
  • 4.2% of 13-17 year olds made a suicide attempt
  • 50% of adult mental health conditions emerge by age 14
  • 25% of young Australians say they are unhappy with their lives
  • 25% of young people with mental health problems received professional health care.
  • 50% of young people with the most severe mental health problems receive professional help
  • The prevalence of mental illness is greatest among 18-24 year olds.

For more information on our Youth Program including how to get your School involved, please visit www.getgrowing.org.au