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  • Last year in Australia, over 3,000 people committed suicide, the highest number ever and now higher than the national road toll. For almost 60 years, Grow has been giving people the tools, courage and friendship to change their lives and there are 170 Grow Groups across Australia waiting to help you or someone you know. Please consider donating to Grow to keep our communities strong, connected and resilient.

  • Rhonda Testimony

    “I found the group very welcoming and noticed that they were sharing things that I had thought you just kept to yourself. It was encouraging to see the enthusiasm from group members after some people shared how they had done some practical things. I realised people were slowly tackling their issues and that there was real help there.” – Rhonda #GrowTestimonies

  • Annual Report 2017

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  • eGrow

    Do you want to join a Grow Group but are too far away to access one? Or do you prefer a virtual environment? Click here learn more. 

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Grow’s 60th Birthday!

For 60 years, Grow has been supporting Australia's mental health through its community mental health program that is centred around mutual help!