Do you want to join a Grow Group but are too far away to access one? Or do you prefer a virtual environment?

Grow offers a unique experience by offering online peer support meetings via video conferencing at different times across Australia.

This allows participants who are unable or choose not to attend a physical Grow group for personal reasons or geographical limitations to access the support they need.

Any member from any location can now receive mental health support and connecting with others at a time most convenient to you.

It is important to register for your online meeting.

Note: you must be over 18 to attend a eGrow group


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    Note: All times above are shown in Australian Eastern Standard Time/Daylight Savings Time (AEST/ADST). Please convert to your local time to select your preferred meeting.

    2019 End of Year exceptions.

    *The Monday group will continue to meet but will not be able to respond to Expressions of interest until after 16/1.

    *The Tues 7:00pm group will be meeting through.

    *The Tues 8:30pm group will be closed on 24/12 and 31/1.

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eGrow for Carers 

eGrow for Carers is a unique peer-support program which connects Carers across rural and remote communities. eGrow for Carers enable ANY carer, through video conferencing, an opportunity to meet other Carers in a virtual environment. Carers will be able to share their lived-in experiences, share stories and support each other through the challenges of being a carer.