To support our wider community during COVID-19, Grow has developed a no cost online program to help you manage your mental health during this time of crisis.

The COVID-19 event has had a profound impact on the mental wellbeing of Australiansmany of whom would not have experienced mental ill health symptoms ordinarily. Due to this unique event, those who would usually experience mild to moderate mental ill health may have found their symptoms compounded in recent times.

To help Australians manage their mental wellness, we have developed a new two week online program to help the struggling members of our community connect to a network of peers at no cost. 

The Growing Resilience program is reinforced by Grow’s more than 60 years of experience as Australia’s leader in mutual support.  The alignment to the traditional Grow Program is the wisdom contained within it, the peer group, and a structured meeting. 

While there are many individual issues the community is concerned about, they largely fall into 4 broad categories: Uncertainty, Feeling Overwhelmed, Loss and Relationships. By working with a team of peers, attendees will be equipped to deal with the feelings they are experiencing during this pandemic, and will gain skills to navigate their issues.  

Program Structure: 

Growing Resilience consists of four modules delivered for two hours twice a week, over two weeks, covering Uncertainty, Feeling Overwhelmed, Loss and Relationships. The benefit of the program being peer-based is that people can still get social interaction and experience community while they are physically isolated.

Groups are run every Monday and Thursday at 7-9pm AEDT through Zoom Video Conferencing

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Note: you must be over 18 to attend a Growing Resilience group


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