What is Odd Socks Day?

On the 4th of October, Grow will be celebrating the annual Odd Socks Day; our proudly run annual National Mental Health Anti-Stigma Campaign. On this day, we ask all our supporters to help stamp out the stigma of mental health by wearing their Odd Socks and start the conversation about everyone’s mental health. You can make the difference by:

  • Be a Friend – be there for others, during the ordinary and extraordinary
  • Be Brave – don’t tolerate discrimination or the stigma
  • Be Open – share your experiences
  • Be Informed – know the truth and dispel the myths
  • Be Good to Yourself – recognise the need for self-care

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With 50% of Australians experiencing mental illness at some stage of their lives; no person, workplace, community or organisation can go unaffected.

However, when it comes down to the bottom line, only 35% of affected Australians actively access services for mental health due to the stigma attached to mental health.

Odd Socks Day aims to lift the curtain on this stigma and get everyone talking about mental health.