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Our Values

Personal responsibility

We are accountable for our actions. We act ethically and always take responsibility for our actions.  We deal with one another fairly and fully cooperate in all discussion and negotiations.

Personal value

We treat every person as valuable, our behaviours demonstrate respect and belief in diversity.  We actively listen to each other, respect and embrace our diversity and use this to improve our decision making.

Mutual help

We work diligently with others to collaborate and share knowledge, skills and expertise.  We work collaboratively in the planning, development and implementation of strategies that achieve our shared vision.  We activity contribute to one shared vision for Grow.


We work together, sharing challenges and solutions, with respect, curiosity and leadership.  We trust each other to act in the best interests of Grow and implementation of strategies that achieve our shared vision.


We are honest, truthful and diligent. We seek to understand truth and use facts in our decision making.  We are transparent in our work, carefully providing others with a clear and documented view of our work and contribution. We welcome feedback and objectively reflect on how actions impact on development and capacity of others.


We continuously aim to work to a high standard. We work hard and purposefully, knowing that, what we do today, will have an impact on our members, participants, staff and volunteers into the future.   We inform ourselves and seek clarity where needed.  We make a genuine contribution Grow’s continuous improvement.